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accounting in accordance to Polish National Act of Accounting controling and reporting on open settlements with business partners support in running company cash report…

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tax advisory Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Personal Income Tax ( PIT) Value Added Tax ( VAT), incl. EU trade transaction and outside EU transactions…

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calculation of employee’s remuneration on contract of employment and on the basis of civil-law contracts (services contract, project contract, managerial contracts) preparing salary pay…

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Company registration

  establishing a company advisory on how and which form to choose and set up your company setting up a company in the National…

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Why companies choose us

We speak English and German

Our fluent English and German makes communication with foreign shareholders regular and quick.


We are fully engaged into our projects. Often our  support goes far away the accounting and taxes.
We organize a bank for you, credit, leasing.


We do have extensive accounting and tax knowledge, which is regularly up-dated. We are very keen to share our knowledge with you.


Difficult cases give us an impulse for quick action. Often we are facing inter-disciplinary project where creating a team of accounting, tax and law advisors to help our client.